Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Summer is officially here.  Ok, so it may not be the summer I'm used to.  I realized today that this is probably the first memorial day I won't be on a beach.  Every year I've been home for Memorial Day.  But alas, I'm here in D.C. 

To celebrate, Ben and I have done...well a whole lot of nothing. 

OK, maybe not nothing

Yesterday we went to Top Golf with Val and Justin.  Top Golf is this high-tech driving range that has big targets around the course.  The balls have a microchip with your name on it, so when your ball enters a target, the computer system keeps score.  It's a lot of fun.

After Top Golf we went to home depot.  oh my gosh I can't believe we aren't done painting our apartment.  We've been here for 4+ months!  When we first painted the bedroom blue, we decided we wanted the trim blue too.  Now that we've painted it green, we decided the white trim would look better.  So now we have to paint it back to white.  So we've bought the paint - we just need to paint it.

The rest of the weekend, we have been bit of foodies.  Last night we made homemade pizza - whole wheat dough, mozzarella, turkey bacon, chicken, pineapple and bbq sauce.  It was heavy, but very good.  I've also prepped to make a great, patriotic dessert for tomorrow's bbq at Robin's - one giant sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and fruit.  We're putting raspberries, blackberries and blueberries on it.  Maybe I'll upload a picture once its done.

We also had lots of wedding chat, and made some progress on caterers.  Nothing major to report.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic, relaxing Memorial Day weekend! 

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