Sunday, February 14, 2010

Venues - the debrief

So despite the snow (and many many discussions back and forth on if we would actually travel), Ben and I made our way down to Charleston to look at wedding venues this evening.

We saw a TON of possible reception and rehersal dinner locations. Some we liked, some we didn't. But that is the way the cookie crumbles.

At this point, based on first impressions, I really like the Historic Rice Mill, The Francis Marion Hotel and Hiberian Hall. They are three very different locations, and each has things I really really like.

The woman we met with at the Historic Rice Mill was absolutely fabulous; She could sell snow to penguins. She also talked about a lot of really cool ideas to personalize our event. Even if we don't use the space, we may be able to incorporate a lot of her great ideas.

We also found two places that we really like for the rehersal dinner. The first is Planters Inn - a great little hotel in downtown Charleston. It has a beautiful courtyard that would be a perfect spot for a cocktail hour. The second place, which is probably the place Benjamin and I liked best, was Middleton Inn. Middleton is a huge old plot of land that has been transformed into wonderful gardens. The restaurant had a great feel and beautiful views of the Ashley river and the gardens.

So the next step is to look at a few more places online and try and get places to pencil us in. I don't want to truly book anything or put money down until my Mom has a chance to get down here and look at everything too. I wouldn't want to do anything until I had her opinion too!

Ok i'm exhausted from my weekend, but I wanted to update everyone on the weekend. We are leaving very early tomorrow morning - so good night all!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Snow storm permitting, Ben and I are supposed to go to Charleston this weekend, so I've been setting up appointments of venues to visit for the wedding. We are looking at a variety of places that have both outdoor and indoor locations. I'm terrified of getting my heart set on a beautiful outdoor location, and then being disappointed when it rains. I know we can move it inside.

Once I get appointments made, I'll post links.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bloggin - Back in Action!

Ok so I fell off my blogging wagon.  But it’s been a busy couple of weeks. 

Ben and I moved into our new apartment a week and a half ago.  You know those paint colors I blogged about pre-move. 

We hated them all.  EPIC FAIL. 

We have all our furniture and everything set up.  We just need to finish unpacking all of our clothes and find new paint colors.  Our bedroom currently resembled Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat right now with all the colors we have thrown up to see if we like.  

But overall, I LOVE our apartment.  Pictures will be put up as soon as it is painted – but I am really really happy with it. 

And wedding planning is slowly getting underway.  I’ve started perusing through bridal magazines and really started to figure out what exactly I want in my wedding. 

But for now, everyone keep the end of April open :-)