Sunday, February 14, 2010

Venues - the debrief

So despite the snow (and many many discussions back and forth on if we would actually travel), Ben and I made our way down to Charleston to look at wedding venues this evening.

We saw a TON of possible reception and rehersal dinner locations. Some we liked, some we didn't. But that is the way the cookie crumbles.

At this point, based on first impressions, I really like the Historic Rice Mill, The Francis Marion Hotel and Hiberian Hall. They are three very different locations, and each has things I really really like.

The woman we met with at the Historic Rice Mill was absolutely fabulous; She could sell snow to penguins. She also talked about a lot of really cool ideas to personalize our event. Even if we don't use the space, we may be able to incorporate a lot of her great ideas.

We also found two places that we really like for the rehersal dinner. The first is Planters Inn - a great little hotel in downtown Charleston. It has a beautiful courtyard that would be a perfect spot for a cocktail hour. The second place, which is probably the place Benjamin and I liked best, was Middleton Inn. Middleton is a huge old plot of land that has been transformed into wonderful gardens. The restaurant had a great feel and beautiful views of the Ashley river and the gardens.

So the next step is to look at a few more places online and try and get places to pencil us in. I don't want to truly book anything or put money down until my Mom has a chance to get down here and look at everything too. I wouldn't want to do anything until I had her opinion too!

Ok i'm exhausted from my weekend, but I wanted to update everyone on the weekend. We are leaving very early tomorrow morning - so good night all!

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