Monday, July 26, 2010

No Wedding Planning Weekend

Well, we didn't plan on taking a break from wedding planning.  It just kind of happened. 

Friday night after dinner, Ben and I headed down to Restaurant Row and popped into a bar to listen to some live music.  Very chill and low-key but fun nevertheless.  We came home, threw on a movie and went to bed.

Saturday, we wake up, and notice that the carpet in front of our couch is wet.  Long story short, our air conditional drain was clogged, and the water overflowed out of the air conditioner and was creating puddles under our carpet.  We called building maintenance, who ripped up our carpet and put fans everywhere.  While things dry out, we went and did some domestic things.  At night, Val and Justin came over for some cocktails and well wishes. 

Sunday, I slept till (how embarrassing) noon.  At noon Ben finally got me out of Bed so we could help Val and Justin move out of their apartment.  After packing up the trailer, Ben and I drove back to shower.  On our way into our apartment Ben suggested we take the doors off the Jeep.  It was a beautiful day, so I said why not. 

We showered and hopped back into the car to go to Rustico's with Val and Justin.  About two minutes after we get into the car, it begins to downpour.  I'm not talking about a bit of rain here.  I'm talking monsoon.  And we have no windows.  Or doors. 

Well I walked into Rustico's looking like a wet dog.  I went to the bathroom and literally held my skirt under the automatic hand dryer in hopes that it would dry it a bit.  No dice.  I sat there and ate my fantastic Rustico's pizza soaking wet. 

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