Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dresses and Dresses and Dresses

So last weekend, I officially ordered my dress!! I'm not going to put pictures up - I'd like it to be a surprise (oh and Ben's not allowed to see it ;-) ) Just know that its really pretty and very Anna.

I was pretty shocked how quickly I found it. It was at the very first place I went to look. Three weeks ago I went home to Jersey and visited a dress store in my hometown (Tesi). I fell in love with two dresses there. The following week I went home again and visited a second dress shop, Wedding Bells. I found myself comparing every dress I tried on at Wedding Bells to the two I had fallen in love with at Tesi. We went back to Tesi the next day and once I tried it on again; I just knew I had found my dress!

Last weekend when Jane was in town we started to look at bridesmaid dresses. Hey, I had one in town; I had to take advantage of that. We found two dresses that we liked. I really liked one because it would coordinate with my dress really well. Not completely sold on it yet, but I think I'm starting to form an idea of what the bridesmaid dresses will look like.

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