Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet the Parents

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

After being super super busy at work on Friday, I headed back to my apartment to pick up my luggage and headed to the airport for Tim and Nancy come to Charleston Weekend.

I left my apartment and headed to the airport. My apartment door to my gate= 20 minutes. I kid you not. 20 minutes. I was shocked. But that bit of information is more me bragging than really relevant to my weekend.

Arrived in Charleston late late Friday night and headed directly to bed. I had a big weekend ahead of me.

Saturday morning, Ben, Momma B, Poppa B and I drove into Charleston to meet my parents at their hotel downtown. I have to say, it was BEAUTIFUL in Charleston.

After dropping off my parents car, and quickly introducing the two families, we climbed into the van that Ben's parents so nicely rented so we could travel together. First stop: Hibernian Hall.

Well, my parents seemed to love the reception hall. My Dad twitched a bit (it hosted the Democratic convention back in the 1800s), but ultimately came around to like the place. They both thought it was lovely and were happy with Ben and my decision. Yay, I'm glad they liked it.

After Hibernian, we traveled to look at one of the churches Ben and I are considering for the ceremony.  After looking at the church, Ben's parents gave us a quick tour of Charleston and we grabbed lunch down by the marina. 

Then we loaded back into the van and traveled out to Middleton Place, the location for the Rehearsal Dinner.  I'm really excited how pretty the location is going to be next April when all the flowers are in bloom.  We also realized that since the dinner is after the garden's hours, we will have the whole garden to ourselves.

We then headed back to Ben's parents for dinner.  We had some awesome guac (thanks Ben) and Mrs. B. made a fabulous dinner of shrimp and grits, chicken, roasted potatoes, tomato betty and string beans.  The two families really seemed to get along and I think everyone had a great time.

The next morning my parents and I visited two additional churches for the ceremony, and then attended mass at the cathedral downtown.  After mass is started to pour, so we headed back up to Myrtle Beach to visit my aunt and uncle. We spent the next day or so relaxing and catching up.  My aunt and uncle gave us a beautiful cake knife and server!  Its pretty and its got pearls.  What more can a girl ask for?

Well, now I'm back in DC.  Can't say my parents had the same fortune.  Their flight got canceled last night, and they are stuck in Myrtle Beach until Wednesday.  Gee what a terrible place to be stuck.  Enjoy the extended vaca Mom and Dad!


  1. Rob and I think it's very cool you're having your rehearsal dinner at Middleton Place! We had my Dad's big surprise 50th bday there a few years ago and had a great time, food was yummy too :)

  2. Mom and Dad are home in Ventnor - safe and sound. It was a wonderful weekend. Hey it is Wednesday can we talk church?