Friday, March 26, 2010


btw - two postings in one week.  I'm surprised/shocked/proud of myself

Wedding planning is moving forward.  While we have not made a decision about the church, we talked about it and we have a game plan.  sorta.  Don't ask.

But, we did make some progress with menu.  In planning this wedding, I've determined I have no idea how to plan a menu.  I mean, for the first 22 years of my life planning a menu revolved around finding the 5 (generally white in color) things that I ate and making a meal out of it.  Now I'm trying to create a classy, tasteful meal for people's whose tastebuds are more experienced than my own.   I want to enjoy my wedding dinner, so I tend to pick things I like.  But at the same time I think I have mashed potatoes and asparagus all the time.  Do I really want it at my wedding?  Shouldn't it be something more special?

So here is my first call for advice:  how do I plan a nice, classy meal that is special, but still caters to my and my guests' taste? 


  1. 5? surely you jest- unless you consider each different type of pasta. Love you.

  2. HAHA I'm with Mama K! You must be counting elbow noodles and shell pasta seperately. My food suggestion is to look at what is local. Is there a fish that is uber-popular? Signature appetizer? Even if you just have 1 really unique piece, that will keep it interesting and help make it feel extra special. Besides, the bride never has time to eat anyways ;)

  3. You can always call me, ANYTIME, and I will gladly look over your menu options.... I like to think my taste buds are "experienced". After witnessing first-hand the "Anna diet" I know you could use all the help you can get :-) Oh, and you should totally make time to eat at the wedding, it was one of my favorite parts of my own wedding because it was just Joey and I looking at one another, thinking wow this is happening for real!

  4. I think you should have the food you have in your apartment: yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, steak, and flavored water coming directly from the faucet ;)