Friday, April 30, 2010

The Preversary

Today is exactly one year until my wedding (or as I've started to call it, my preversary).   OMG ONLY 365 DAYS REMAINING TO PLAN!

Since getting engaged, we knew we wanted "the big five" secured before the one-year-preversary of our wedding.  Depending who you ask, the big five differs slightly.  Ben includes the caterer; I include the wedding dress.

Since we don't have a caterer, I do have my dress, and today is the preversary, we are going with my big five:

The Big Five
  • Reception Location - Hibernian Hall
  • Rehearsal Location - Middleton Place
  • Dress - :-)
  • Church Location - French Huguenot
  • Minister - Uncle John

I know I've talked about the first three already.  But within the past few weeks, Ben and I seem to have firmed up the ceremony part of the wedding.  Despite all of the craziness, we were finally able to settle on a church: the French Huguenot Church.  It's very pretty and we are very excited.

Also exciting on that front, we have found a person to conduct the ceremony.  Everyone knows Ben's dad is a minister, but some people don't know that his uncle is a minister as well.  As a way to personalize and make the ceremony extra special to us, we have asked his Uncle John to marry us.  I had the opportunity to meet Uncle John at Will and Debbie's wedding last summer, and I couldn't be happier that he will be conducting the ceremony. 

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