Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter, everyone!!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend; I know I did!

Thursday night I flew to Orlando, FL to spend Easter with my family (Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Julie, her husband and their two kids).  Turns out it was a perfect time to go - weather was perfect and the lines weren’t bad either.

Friday, the family went to Magic Kingdom.  First stop – DUMBO.  When I went to Disney when I was four, I made my sister wait on line for THREE HOURS to go on Dumbo.  Luckily the wait wasn’t as long this time around; Shannon and I only had to wait about 15 minutes for our turn to take to the skies via a flying elephant.  It was really cute, and I was very happy that I got to share my favorite kiddie ride with her.  After Dumbo we made our way around the park until it was kiddie naptime.  Dad and I stayed for a bit and got on a few additional rides before heading back to the hotel. 

That night Dad and I went to my favorite park – Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM).  I was amazed at the lack of lines.  We got to go on almost everything we wanted in just three hours.  And that includes the hour long line at Rockin Roller Coaster.  Man I love that ride – an awesome roller coaster with awesome Aerosmith music.   

Saturday some of the adults went to Epcot and then Hollywood Studios.  Epcot was probably the most crowded park we went to.  We skipped a couple rides because the waits were just too long. Saturday evening, we had a character dinner with Cinderella and her family.  The characters were really spot on.  It was great.  Of course Shannon did very little talking when the characters got to our table, and she completely turned her back on Prince Charming.  After dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom for one more night of kiddie ride magic. 

While I only had two days in the resort, I managed to visited thee of the four parks (and I’m OK missing out on Animal Kingdom) and get on almost every ride I wanted.  The kids were so much fun to watch and I really had a blast.  I really liked being able to see the park from a different perspective. 

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