Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November goals check-in

As November comes to a close, I figured I'd check in on the goals I set earlier this month...

Run a 10K! - check!
Turn 25 - check!
Participate in the Mystery Ingredient Challenge - oops. This somehow slipped by.
Attend one networking event - oops.  I had plans to attend a few, but random things got in the way. 
Identify an organization to work with and in what capacity I can volunteer - I planned on doing this during late November, but life got in the way. 
Figure out finances - check
Confirm flowers/rentals/decorations for the wedding -again, life got in the way, but this has become a TOP PRIORITY
Make AJ’s risotto - I keep forgetting to buy the rice to make risotto.  And then the couple of times I remembered, the store was out.  Epic fail. 
Begin to work arm exercises into my routine - check!  Not doing it all the time, but I've started to work them in here and there. 
Read one book for fun - umm...

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  1. I have a great great seafood risotto recipe. I will send it to you.