Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad decisions I habitually make

So I stole this topic from one of my favorite blogs: Secret Society of List Addicts

Bad decisions I habitually make:
  • Waking up late - When I was little, boy was I an early bird.  I would wake up ridiculously early.  Some point in high school, I got tired of always being the first one awake (and the first one to fall asleep), and so I just taught myself to sleep late.  Now that I'm an adult, sleeping until noon is no longer acceptable.  But sometimes, it just feels so good.
  • Ice Cream - what do you mean a pint of ice cream isn't a single serving?
  • Making leftovers, and then eating them - When preparing dinner for the night, I always think "oh perfect, I'll make enough to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow."  Then I  eat my dinner.  all of it.  leftovers included.  And then I don't have lunch for the next day.  fail.
  • Sleeping with lots of blankets - Doesn't matter if it's 90 or 30 degrees out, I always want lots of big fluffy blankets wrapped around me.  Even though I get hot and kick them off in the night.  
  • Thinking little hair clips and bobby pins will hold my hair - I always try and do my hair up in something cute/fashionable/profession with hair clips and bobby pins.  Note to self: these things will NEVER hold my hair for more than 10 minutes.  Never have.  Never will.  Stop trying. Embrace your thick hair of curls. 

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