Friday, September 24, 2010

Things My 24-Year-Old Self Does That My 16-Year-Old Self Would Hate

Another blog topic from Secret Society of List Addicts: Things My 24-Year-Old Self Does That My 16-Year-Old Self Would HATE.

  • Wear my hair curly - When I was 16, my hair was always straight.  I hated it curly.  I used to think it looked like a lions mane.  

Me with curly hair

  • Wear Dresses - I hated dresses.  I hated skirts.  Now I can't get enough of wearing them.  In the summer.  Even in the winter.   
  • Eating tomatoes - I refused to eat tomatoes for the first 23 years of my life.  Like if I had the option of regular or white pizza, I ate the white pizza.  I wouldn't eat pasta once it touched sauce - if you rinsed it off I could taste the sauce. Now, I love tomatoes.  I add them to everything.  I even get a little mad when we are out of tomatoes in the apartment and I can't add them to whatever I'm making.  
  • Not wearing Uggs every day - I remember being happy when my tiny little feet had FINALLY grown to whatever was the smallest size Ugg made.  I'm talking back in the day.  Before it was "trendy" to wear them with Juicy Jumpsuits and miniskits.  Before the celebrities were sporting them all of LA and NYC.  I wore Uggs every day.  Usually clogs, but I was also a big fan of my boots.  They were a staple in the closets of those in my hometown.  Now, I rarely wear my Uggs. Apparently, I've moved on.  
Ugg Black Tasman.  My first pair of Uggs. 

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