Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Awesome

So, this is my blog.  I'm allowed to brag a bit.  Especially when I have exciting stuff to brag about....the past couple of weeks have been pretty awesome for us.

In early October, Benjamin was promoted to a GS09.  The GS system is how the government ranks their employees.  Most people only jump one level, but with the classes, trainings and real experience Ben is getting, he was able to jump two levels.  I was super super excited and proud of my baby!

Then, about a week later, my manager put my review on my calendar.  She actually scheduled it for the morning we were leaving for Charleston.  The review went very very well, and I was promoted.  I moved from an "Associate Account Executive,"  to "Account Executive."  My day-to-day won't change much, but it allows for more opportunities to do things.

But just wait.  It gets better.  I was very confused when I found out Ben had been promoted to a GS09.  It kind of happened without fanfare - no review, no meeting.  It just kind of happened.  We this past week he finally had the review (although, with already knowing he received the promotion, we knew it would probably be a positive review).  Positive doesn't describe it enough.  Ben hit it out of the ball park.  He received one of the best scores in his program and got a pretty good bonus.  I was such a proud wifey-to-be!

This week we went out to celebrate.  I don't have pictures of our meal, but it was fantastic. But best of all, it  was great that our promotions went hand-in-hand, so we could celebrate together!


  1. I am sooooooooo proud of the both of you. Next time you are in SOuth Carolina, drinks are on me!

  2. That's great you guys! Congrats :)

  3. Congrats y'all! What an exciting week!