Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn is Here!

The weather is starting to cool down here. I actually had to wear my light coat to work today. I mean, it is October 1. It’s guess autumn is allowed to begin.

And while autumn has never been my favorite season (what can I say – I love the first beautifully warm day after a long winter), it always brings back certain memories for me.
  • Back to school – I know I don’t really go “back to school” anymore. But this time of year still brings back urges to getting myself organized and ready for a “fresh start.”
  • Cheerleading – Again, I know I’m not a cheerleader anymore. But something about the cool, crisp autumn air that brings back memories of putting on the cheerleading uniform and spending my Friday night at the football field. I mean, I did cheer for 11 years – that’s almost ½ my life! (btw Mom - doesn’t that seem weird. It was SO long ago, yet it is still just shy of ½ of my time here on earth.)
  • Apples – I don’t even really like apples. But something about the fall makes me want to go apple picking. For the past two years I’ve made my wonderful, caring boyfriend drive the hour-plus each way so we could spend an hour or so running around an apple farm somewhere in Virginia. And then we buy TONS of apples. And that night I make apple pie. And then I never touch the apples again.
  • Football – I separate this from cheerleading because I think it deserves its own category. GO EAGLES.
  • Crock-pot dinners – Full disclosure: I’m yet to make a crock-pot dinner that I actually really like. I’ve tried. And I’ve definitely failed. But something about fall makes me want to break the crock-pot out and try again. Maybe because I think of making soup in crock-pots and soup is a fall-weather favorite of mine?
  • Fall workouts – I don’t know if it’s the years of cheerleading, girls tennis being a fall sport at my high school, or part of the back-to-school-fresh-start-get-my-life-in-order feeling, but I love outdoor workouts during the fall. Good thing since I have that 10K coming up…
What do you love about fall?

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